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Read-Aloud Stories

Books in English

Here you will be able to access quality read-aloud stories for young children (K-3rd grade)

Storyline Online provides hundreds of picture book videos with audio. New updates are added every month with a monthly theme.

Mrs. P is a beloved children's television show teacher! Here you will be able to access many stories ready by Mrs. P.

Established in 2007, Free Children Stories works to provide free podcasts and picture books for young children. There are book videos adequate for children from preschool to 5th grade.

Every week, Awnie reads you a new story! Come enjoy different story books and fairy tales at Awnie's House.

Here you will find many stories to enjoy with the family. This Youtube channel shares their favorite picture books with viewers.

This website features popular children's stories as they are brought to life! Come enjoy classic and modern stories with Books Alive!

From 2016, Toadstools and Fairy Dusts provided families and children with fun and exciting stories. Viewers can read aloud, along with the animated expressions in the video!

Reading Pioneers Academy dedicates to help children and students learn English. Not only are story books provided, but lessons to help children learn how to speak fluent English are also added

This YouTube channel brings everyone's favorite classic to life. Children can watch their favorite picture book come into life, and read along at the same time.

Elena loves reading to her three daughters. Starting out from a small hobby, Elena now reads for everyone out there! Every month Elena uploads new picture books and reads them for viewers.

Miss Sofie shows her picture books and read them aloud for viewers. Readers can enjoy both listening and reading along together!

Read-Aloud Stories: List
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